Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes - Illuminate Tour visuals

Whilst part of a team at Treatment studio and directed by Simon Russell, I was involved in the production of the visuals for Shawn Mendes – Illuminate tour. I was responsible for compositing and animating “particle Shawn” to be later combined with the several other elements and particles created mainly by Marcus Chaloner.
Creative Director: Paul Caslin
Animation Director: Simon Russell
Animation: Marcus Chaloner, Luis Ribeiro, Susana Yamamoto, Rosalvo Melo
Director of Photography: James Westbrook
Executive Producer: Sam Pattinson, Lizzie Pocock
Technical Director: Dave Shepherd, Alex Eckford
LIDAR: Henry Bennett/Luminous
Video Assistant: Sam Brickman
Client: Shawn Mendes
Audio: Shawn Mendes
Produced @ Treatment
Year: 2017