Call of Duty : MW3

As part of SPOV team, I produced a motion graphics cinematic for the storyline transitions during in-game play.

On the “Turbulence” sequence, I developed the 3D assets/modelling, animation and final compositing. While on the “Mind the Gap”, I created, treated and animated the 3D elements for this movie, all compositing done by Matt Tsang. And a big thanks to Julio Dean for all his help.
Lead Design: Paul Hunt, Yugen Blake
Credit list: Andrea Braga, Brad Coomber, Dylan Wynne, James Brocklebank, Julio Dean, Kieran Gee-Finch, Matt Tsang, Ryan Jefferson and Sam Kerridge.
Client: Sledgehammer / Activision /  Infinity Ward
Audio: Sledgehammer
Produced @
Year: 2011